I consider my video very confusing especially to other people. It’s basically a bunch of random videos put together with a weird noise in the background that at the end tells you it’s about insomnia. It is very personal in terms of the way I decided what to film and what I considered related to the frustration of insomnia. It is my own POV of how insomnia feels like, frustrating, annoying and flustering.

The first shot is of the ceiling the way i’d see it while lying in bed to show my own perspective. then the sound of the crunching paper and the noise would start before the next shot happens. The noise continuous till the end of the video to add to the overall irritating feel to the video, which conveys the same feeling of insomnia.

This video is very abstract, it might not make sense to many people but it makes them feel something, the sound helps in making people feel uncomfortable and the quick shots of random things makes it even more confusing for the viewer.

In conclusion, there is no reason as to why i filmed the specific things i filmed, i wanted to convey a feeling rather than a show it to people and tell it to them the ordinary way. in a way i wanted people to experience what insomnia is like.

I liked this project because it allowed me to play around with this media without limiting myself to a certain concept or theme. It let me express myself and show people something that i experience regularly and allow them to see what it’s like.


Video | PROCESS 2

I’ve decided to experiment with this video and have fun with it without limiting myself. since talking about the POV aspect of the video, I thought of things that define me. My frustration in the morning is something that I wanted to portray through different visuals. I wanted to convey an emotion rather than a situation. I’ve decided on a group of footage that I personally think conveys frustration/annoyance. The footage is all in black and white to show minimalism and to let the audience focus on the actions rather than the colors or lighting. Since sound is an important part of the video as well, having the footage in black and white emphasizes the sounds that overlap and gives a sense of headache to the viewer.

Video | PROCESS 2

Video | PROCESS 1


This video is made by applying moth to film reel. this kind of visual is not something that is expected from a famous filmmaker, but i found it interesting because the narrative of the video is more emotional than a basic story told to us. It is something that is differently interpreted by different people.

Michel Gondry has some interesting concepts as seen in his movies eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and Mood Indigo. Détour is a short film shot entirely by a phone, and seeing the story and how scenes are shot, it shows that the device i would use to film isn’t limiting because it all depends on the way the director/filmmaker sees things and how they want to convey their idea to the audience.

Video | PROCESS 1



  • the zine was too colorful, the red was very dominant and shouldn’t be used as the color of the page. it should be subtle and added slightly to the pages.
  • the pages are too clean, textured paper will be better. crumbling the paper to create texture. add dirt maybe.
  • different type of cutting of the paper for text and titles. text has clean edges, titles has uneven edges.
  • system for type, different way of displaying articles, titles, quotes etc.
  • unified images (they should all either be black and white, or all colored but with the same filter.)


I used newsprint paper because it has this dirty texture to it and it’s the look that i wanted for the zine. I’ve used transparent paper for the illustrations and created a system for that, i thought it’s interesting to play with different materials and creating some depth and shadows through the transparency.

All the images were black and white, and red was added in subtle details to imitate the look of blood since the zine was very simple and didn’t convey the concept or the idea behind it.



Last class we’ve learnt that zines are created as a series, with one main concept for the whole series but a specific feature for each zine. I’ve decided to stick with Ted Bundy as the main focus for the draft at least, and have a bit more information about serial killers in general.

I’ve also thought of the psychology of killers as the concept of the zine. I’m thinking of creating abstract visuals that show the disturbance of their minds.



for the first draft i did simple layouts, but I would like to experiment with black paper later on and make the layout a bit crazier to convey the disturbing stories and their feelings to the readers.


I added extra touches with a red crayon to add a different atmosphere to the basic layouts for now, but i actually like the playful look of having crayon scribbles on the on the photos and text. The scribbles also go along with the text, or the method he used to kill people.


Zine | PROCESS 1

My 3 sources on zines


Zines vs. Magazines: What’s the Difference?


3 possible subcultures

  • Reproduction of famous artworks
  • skull collecting
  • serial killers


the skull collection is a personal topic since i’m a skull collector myself. I try to find the weirdest and unique looking manifestation of skulls. I think it’s an interesting kind of collection since many people associate it with morbid themes when other people like myself find beauty in them. It would be interesting to show the reason behind this collection and why people appreciate it.

serial killers is a very broad topic that i decided to narrow down to specific things such as:

  • serial killers from different locations around the world, and how they differ from one place to the other.
  • the psychological aspect of serial killer minds, how they function, why they do it etc.

i think the psychology of serial killers would be an interesting topic to research about and show as a form of art in a zine.

Zine | PROCESS 1

Kinetic Type | PROCESS 3

I wanted to experiment with different effects to avoid repetition in the video, so instead of having a regular transition to show the text when it’s said, i wanted to have a transition/animation that fits the atmosphere of the spoken words. For strong emphasized words said almost as a shout i simply made the words appear at different times.

The illustrations I added towards the end of the video added a nice touch for the text, since it’s type dominant, i think it was nice to have some illustrations that go along with the sentences. It makes the video more interesting especially since the illustrations are simple and they give a slight hint of what it’s about.

Kinetic Type | PROCESS 3